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For six generations the Vine family has been breeding gypsy horses and cobs. Our breeding stock comes from generations of well known horses within the breed going back 100 years. Our ancestors and our family today know, own or have owned many of the finest horses within the breed. Those horses have a solid background of known breeding lines and produce the consistent quality of horses we have today.
With that experience to hand other gypsy breeders all across the UK and Ireland have sought our horses to add to their own herds for 100 years and more.

Gypsy Cobs

Today, you will find our Gypsy horses in the pedigrees of many famous horses all across the world. When the breed first became popular in the US., our horses were among the very first to be exported. We can now offer to export premier quality Gypsy cob all across the world direct from our farm. When considering buying a gypsy cob it is important the horses that what you choose should be the best possible examples, this is what the Vine family strive to achieve.
We don’t need to “talk up” our horses to make a sale. They stand on their own merit. They are well known throughout Europe and in the USA. Consider names such as The Lottery, Nobby, Lloyds, Ringmaster and many others. People in the breed immediately associate them with the name Vine. Owners all across the world now treasure our horses, knowing they came from generations of careful breeding and the best bloodlines available.
With the advent of DNA, all our own horses are now DNA confirmed. In most cases, we can tell the true backgrounds (pedigrees) on the horses we breed and/or sell. Should you have a horse with a Vine background, and not know his/her breeding, just drop us a note and we will be pleased to try to help you trace it’s background. There are many Gypsy Cobs across the world, with made-up pedigrees and backgrounds. We do not do this. We try our best, to give the new owner, true pedigree information and if on occasion, we can’t trace or know it, we truthfully admit it. Our customers deserve nothing less.

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Gypsy Horses

One of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world is the gypsy vanner. You will find we have only the best and finest quality of gypsy vanner horses that is sure to add to your breeding program.
Our farm is based in the heart of horse country, in Kent, England. We always have a good selection of top quality horses available. Just drop us an email anytime.

Worldwide Transport

We have a wide selection of horses for sale, gypsy cobs for sale, gypsy horses for sale, gypsy vanners for sale. Michael personally handles ALL the export process for our horses. From vetwork and bloodwork, layover, transport, quarantine etc etc. We have been transporting horses to USA, Australia and all areas of Europe for many years so we are more qualified than most to handle your purchase smoothly and professionally. When purchasing from us you are dealing personally and directly with Michael, there is no third party or other agent, we pride ourselves on all the hard work and effort we put in to make your Gypsy horse and safe and comfortable as possible when travelling across the world, as well as our personal attention and dedication to service and quality horses.

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